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Adolf Loos (* 10.12.1870 in Brünn; † 23.08.1933 in Kalksburg) war österreichischer Architekt, Architekturkritiker, Kulturpublizist und gilt

als  one of the pioneers of modern architecture. Loos traveled to the USA in 1893, where he  made a living with various trades. Only in the last year of his stay did he work as a furniture designer and architect. Before settling permanently in Vienna in 1896, he re-dressed in London in modern, elegant, and expensive clothing. Adolf Loos worked with the programming

of modernism in architecture and design from "form follows function" and was an opponent of ornaments and other particularly artistic designs of everyday objects. Instead, he advocated the use of the finest materials. 

Die Kärntner Bar or American Barwas designed from 1907 to 1908 by Adolf Loos and today also bears his name - Loos Bar. Above the entrance portal rests on four marble pillars a glass mosaic with the American flag and the name of the_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Bar. Arriving on the green and white checkered marble slab floor,  appears the interior with one surface

of 4.45m x 6.15m (27.36m2) infinitely large. The honey-yellow marble coffered ceiling and a series of marble pillars and beams continue endlessly on the mirrored walls, unfolding a space that extends well beyond the bar. The sides of the seating niches and the lower interior walls in mahogany contrast with the floor  and the transparency of the mirrors. The ambience is rounded off by brass and the glowing onyx wall above the entrance.





Belle Époque (1884-1914),the optimistic view of the future, driven by progress. In fact, it happened on the boulevards, in the cafés, cabarets, in the concert halls and saloons. The European birth of the American Bar and the opening of the Carinthian Bar also fall in this era. Arriving at the hour of birth, we would like to invite you  to explore the mysterious world of spirits and cocktails. Into a world whose angle of illumination is constantly changing, directing the angle to the second world in order to survive in the first.

The room, which extends far beyond that of the bar, is it a surrealistic stage or is it a "Viennese joke"?

A journey through history and into the future, in an empty space that makes you the protagonist of this stage and laughs at yourself.


- The Loos Bar team wishes you unforgettable hours and tasty experiences! 

“Clear lines and noble materials give the bar its character.

The soul is the space that extends far beyond den the bar.”

Adolf Loos

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