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"Don't be afraid to be called unfashionable."

Adolf Loos

In addition to the demand for modernity, the comfort of his furnishings was particularly important to Loos.


As an architect, Loos was mainly involved in the construction of private villas, the interior of which followed a room plan developed around 1910. He made the size and arrangement dependent on the function of the rooms and sometimes nested them on several floors. In doing so, he increasingly drew closer to the cube shape. Loos also created numerous interiors, such as in the Café Museum on Karlsplatz, which contemporaries called Café Nihilism because of the sparse furnishings.


The establishment of the American Bar in a side street off Kärntner Strasse, which is also known as the Loos Bar and still exists today, became nationally known.


"Don't be afraid of being called unfashionable. Changes to the old construction are only allowed if they mean an improvement, but otherwise keep the old one. Because the truth, even if it is hundreds of years old, has more to do with us than the lies that walk alongside us.”

- Adolf Loos, 1870-1933

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