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… “the celebrities like the janitors” have been squeezing into the Loos Bar, the tiniest and most important bar in town, for 21 years. It's "like a bad movie or a good one," depending.

Marianne Kohn

Life has been pulsating since Marianne Kohn took over the management of the bar in 1994.

Photo: Raphael Just

Once you've been there, you can't resist the charm of the Loos Bar. Classic cocktails, trend-setting architecture - that's in every city guide. And without a doubt he was a visionary, this Adolf Loos, who in 1908 created a gem of architectural modernism here, which is now even a listed building.

But what still fascinates most after more than a century is the incomparable atmosphere that prevails in his homely, dimly lit masterpiece. Because before the law and before the Loos Barall people equal.

Peter Altenberger on the Loosbar


A NEW "BAR" IN VIENNA. A tiny wonderful bar, AMERICAN Bar, in the "Kärntnergang". Black, white and pink marble blocks on the outside. Inside grey-green marble and red-brown coral wood. The ceiling of white-grey marble slabs, coffered. The wall above the door is made entirely of translucent tawny slabs of onyx, beautifully drawn, softly illuminated by electric lights. The whole thing is unbelievably rich and not at all overloaded, but just looks like the precious treasures of nature itself! Everything is masterfully put together, the smallest thing noblely thought out, like the clock let into a coral wood wall and the big picture. The mirrors  wonderfully cleverly used make the room appear three times as big as it is. The architect Adolf Loos. Only men are allowed in the restaurant. An American woman said to me: “Such a ban on women would be impossible in America. No lady would go in like that!

Some say there is not one bar in Vienna. There is only one bar.

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